Parent Community Network welcomed Project Happiness producer, Randy Taran, to Lyons Township High School on March 20, 2012. She introduced the Project Happiness documentary and answered questions after the screening.  This was the Midwest premiere of the Project Happiness documentary and was shown at four other venues throughout Chicagoland.

Randy Taran is the founder of Project Happiness, a non-profit that empowers youth to create greater happiness in their lives and in the world. She is the co-author, with Maria Lineger, of the Project Happiness Handbook which makes the best of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and global literacy accessible to students in six countries.

The handbook and DVD which can be used at home and in the classroom is available for purchase on their website and Amazon. The program offers tools and strategies which can be used by the entire family to create the skills we all need to be happy. See Handout #2 for details.

An online class, Seven Doors to Happiness, currently used at Stanford and USC is available for everyoneWe can all learn the skills to become happier, more empowered and mindful individuals and it is never too late to start. The Seven Doors to Happiness is structured around the concept that anyone can train themselves to become more self-aware and emotionally resilient and to teach others to be the same. See Handout #2 below for more information on Project Happiness programs.

Checkout the following two handouts which were distributed to the audience during the screening:

Handout #1 10 Tips to Get Happier Now

Handout #2  Project Happiness Programs