This page needs additional quizzes and simulations


Use these quizzes two ways:

  • to help develop self awareness of your own personal feelings and knowledge.
  • within families (and other group)s to help bring feelings and beliefs out into the open to proactively understand their meaning and impact.

Mindfulness Quiz


Interfaith Literacy Quiz  We live at a time when people of different faith backgrounds are interacting with greater frequency than ever before. We hear the stories of people who seek to make faith a barrier of division or a bomb of destruction all too often. The Interfaith Youth Core works with American college students, supported by their campuses,to make religion a bridge and not a barrier.




Simulations help us to empathize with other people by experiencing their life situations and feelings for just a short moment.  Better understanding leads to less stigmatization.


Social Anxiety Simulation  

A simulation of an experience of someone who suffers from social anxiety shopping in a store for a gift.   – Ellen C. Bateman

Through Your Child’s Eyes: Learning and Attention Issues

It’s one thing to read about learning and attention issues. It’s another thing to see them through your child’s eyes. Experience firsthand how frustrating it is when your hand won’t write what your brain is telling it to. Or how hard it is to complete a simple task when you have trouble focusing. Use these unique simulations and videos to better understand your child’s world. –