Not Your Ordinary Preschool

Think Global:  Watch the trailer for “Present Perfect”, a documentary about the Inter-Generational Learning Center near Seattle, Washington.

The center combines a nursing home with an on-site preschool blurring the lines of generational segregation to which we have become blind.  Both generations benefit! This film is currently in post-production, with release anticipated Summer of 2016.

“..with neither past nor future in common, the relationships between the children and the residents exist entirely in the present. Despite the difference in their years, their entire sense of time seems more closely aligned….Those small, quiet moments are often the ones that contain the most meaning, and sadly are also the ones that most of us are too busy and distracted in our day-to-day lives to notice.”  – Evan Briggs, director

Act Local: Start a conversation.

  1. How would this idea work in your community?  Which local inter-generational groups do you think could work together?  Share the video with them and see what they think about it.
  2. In your family, ask these questions (from director Evan Briggs)
    • What value does a person have to others throughout their life?
    • Are we asking for the right contributions from each other?
    • How do we measure and define a successful life?

Still photo from “Present Perfect” trailer by Evan Briggs copyright 2015 as part of fundraising campaign to produce the film.  More info at http://www.presentperfectfilm.com/support-this-film/.

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