Parenting Strategies for Minimizing Childhood Anxiety

Of course you mean well, but could your parenting style actually be exacerbating your child’s anxiety level?

We all want to help our children feel less anxious in the face of the ever-increasing onslaught of stress-inducing factors affecting our kids. The digital age and the competitive landscape our children are growing up in are leading to record high numbers of kids being diagnosed with anxiety disorders.

A recent ariticle from The Dallas Morning News “6 ways good parents contribute to their child’s anxiety“, lists:

  1. Caring too much
  2. Advocating too hard
  3. Compensating for weaknesses
  4. Overplaying strengths
  5. Overstressing great values
  6. Hiding your troubles

As some of the most common parenting mistakes today’s parents are making that are contributing to the problem. Read the full article here


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