• A school rep/liaison connects two organizations to each other: PCN and the parent organization at their child’s school.

  • Reps/liaisons could also connect PCN with other community organizations that serve youth, parents, or entire families.

Role of a school rep/liaison includes any or all of the following: 

  1. Go to Parent Univerity and provide feedback on speakers
  2. Suggest new events that PCN might consider hosting
  3. Advocate for and follow up on PCN requests for donations from school parent organizations
  4. Advise PCN on ways to ensure that communications to parents from schools and school parent organizations actually include the info PCN requested
  5. Subscribe to PCN’s website
  6. “Like” PCN’s Facebook page and post items of interest on that page
  7. Distribute printed material from PCN to parents through their connections with school parent organizations and other local organizations. 
  8. Distribute printed material from PCN to potential PU “first-timers” at Kindergarten Registration and Pre-School Screening events held annually in school districts. Connect with parents to explain Parent University and PCN, especially with parents whose first child is entering school: 
    1. “You don’t have to do a thing. We’re here to help you. No raffle tickets, no candy selling. We have a website. Our big event is in January.”
  9. Post Parent University yard signs at their child’s school
  10. Let PCN know about events at local school that are open to the whole community (such as Cossitt Clothing Sale, Ogden Red Sled, etc.) so that these events can be posted on the PCN website calendar and promoted on Facebook.