Are you interested in speaking to the PCN audience?

Contact our Program Chair for more information.

Parent University Speaker Guidelines

The over all structure of the day is 8:15 AM to 1:30 PM opening with a keynote presentation to 150 – 200 parents.  Afterward, three sessions beginning at 9:30 AM are offered with a break of 30 minutes.  Actual presentation times will not be available until the lineup is confirmed.  During the break, refreshments are offered in a resource room where speakers are available (optional) for networking.

  • The presentations (other than the keynote) are 65 minutes each and will be in a classroom setting of 10-25 parents.
  • We are also asking presenters to allow 10 – 15 minutes at the end for Parent questions.
  • We can provide Flip Chart paper, Overhead Projectors and Power Point presentation support from our laptop as well as access to the internet if needed.
  • We are asking presenters to provide a summary of 3-5 “take away” actions that Parents can implement at home.
  • Classroom handouts are always welcome and we ask our speakers to bring 25 copies with them unless arrangements are made ahead of time for Parent University to copy them, well before the event.  Please provide us an electronic version for reference.  In addition, we can post the handout on our website if you wish.
  • We request the following information by October 15th for publicity purposes and our course registration:
    • Name and Bio of person presenting.  ( Also note any personal title or credentials you would like printed along with your name.)
    • Title of presentation
    • Age group of the kids topic is focused on ( Pre School, Elementary, Middle School, Adolescent or General – Kids of all ages)
    • Short paragraph of what the topic is about and what it will cover.
    • Indicate if you would like a space in the Resource Room.
    • Any book titles & authors that you recommend for parents.