What is your Stress Mindset?

Think Global: Applying the tips in this Harvard Business Review article will help you improve your “emotional immune system”.

Parents absorb stress from many sources including other family members.  These tips will work at home or office.  

Act Local: 

  1. Create a positive mindset about stress so that you see it as a challenge and not a burden.  (Also see the TEDtalk by Kelly McGonigal on “How to Make Stress Your Friend” for more on this point).
  2. Practice behaviors that will “create positive antibodies” such as offering a smile, nod, or “I’m glad to see you” to the stressed-out child returning home after school.  
  3. Build “natural immunity” to buffer against stress that others exude through:
    1. positive self-talk
    2. exercise-induced endorphins
  4. “Inoculate yourself” by starting your day with habits proven to promote a positive outlook.  Those practices include:
    1. counting your blessings,
    2. writing short letters that praise others,
    3. meditating, journaling,
    4. exercising!  

This photo “Stress ” by topgold, Bernard Goldbach coopyright 2011 is made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.

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