Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get get involved with Parent Community Network (PCN)?

  • Every parent can use some guidance and support.  We find local experts on issues affecting our families and our communities and bring them to you.
  • Getting involved is simple.  “You don’t have to do a thing. We’re here to help you. No raffle tickets, no candy selling. We have a website. Our big event is in January.” – Becky Sorice, PCN Rep for Cossitt Parent School PTC
  • Volunteering to help PCN will improve your community. If you want to help a bit, you can.  If you want to do more, great! Let us know. We have ideas just waiting for your contribution, or tell us your ideas on how to inform and support parents and other community members who interact with youth.  But remember, volunteering is not required to become part of PCN.

How is PCN different from a PTA or PTO?

  • Focus -PTA/PTOs generally focus on a single school.  PCN seeks to strengthen the environment in all neighborhoods of Lyons Township, as well as nearby communities, so that our kids can grow up healthy & well-adjusted, free of violence, and free of substance abuse. That mission goes beyond schools, and requires a wider geographic focus than a single school.
  • Coverage area – PCN supports parents across the entire Lyons Township and neighboring areas, no matter where their children are being educated, in public, private, and parochial schools, or at home.
  • All ages – PCN aims to be a positive parenting resource from toddlers to teens and beyond.  Parents will not “outgrow” PCN – they can rely on PCN to obtain information and support, no matter the age of their children. 
  • Limited Fundraising – PCN does limited fundraising of its own and instead, relies largely on contributions from school parent organizations and other sources.
  • Access – PCN has invested in this website and social media so that parents can conveniently access credible parenting advice and local parenting event info on your 24/7 schedule.

I am a PTA member already. Why should I become part of PCN?

  • PCN is a vital resource to your entire community and relies on local support.  
  • Through PCN, you will become acquainted with other local neighborhoods where your children are likely to visit.
  • PCN offers parents of younger kids a chance to connect with parents whose kids are a bit older, know the ropes, and can share their experience. That helps parents anticipate what to expect when their child transitions into preschool, kindergarten, middle school/ junior high, high school, beyond.
  • Become a PCN school rep to better connect your PTA with the larger community.  These organizations are stronger if they work together.  

I am already volunteering/ working with another local organization.  Why should I become part of PCN?

  • Become a PCN rep to better connect your organization with parents and others who interact with youth.

How do I join Parent Community Network?

  • Subscribe to PCN’s newsletter (from our homepage) and Facebook page to be the first to hear about PCN news and programs.  Our email updates are sent about twice monthly.

What does it cost?

  • PCN is free to join. Some programs are free and others have nominal registration fees.
  • PCN is a 501c3 organization and gratefully accepts monetary and in-kind donations.  Donate here or find out more.